Custom Potographs On Infused Aluminum

Harry And Sam

Do you have a family, vacation or a photograph that bring back some memories that you would like to have done on aluminum. These 2 picture are example of what I can do to bring your photograph back to life

Here is how it works.

I do basic Photoshop. Just make basic adjustments to the photograph. After I make adjustments I will resize the photograph for a size that you think is best. I will keep in contact with you throughout the process for a result that you like before printing it on aluminum. I will take care of having it printed and will have it shipped to you if your out of town or you can pick it up at the Caboose Gallery.

The Total Package 11x14 Package 125.00 8x10 Package 100.00

Includes either an 8x10 or a 11x14 printed on infused aluminum. Basic Photoshop, resizing and having it printed on aluminum and shipping. If you would like a bigger size I can do it.

A 4x6 or 5x7 size is 20.00 extra. Includes a table top easel.

Contact Information

Phone 303-870-4849



Enjoy you picture on infused aluminum.