Railroad Journal : Goose 5 At Perry's Pond

June 2009  |  Cumbres Toltec Scenic RR

Goose 5 At Perry’s Pond

Several times a year The Galloping Goose Historical Society in Dolores Colorado operates Rio Grande Southern Goose #5 several times a year on the Cumbres Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Durango Silverton RR. The Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose has a fascinating railroad history that operated on the Rio Grande Southern Railroad between Durango and Ridgeway Colorado. If you would like more information on the history of the galloping goose type in galloping goose or Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose and you will get all the information on the history of the galloping goose.

In June of 2009 I rode goose 5 on the Cumbres Toltec from Chama New Mexico to Antonito Colorado. It was a photographer special so I would spend a whole day photographing number 5 in several locations on the railroad. I have ridden goose # 5 several times on the Durango Silverton and other galloping goose excursions on the Cumbres Toltec.

We left Chama New Mexico before the scheduled passenger train so we could photograph it later in the morning. When we got to Perry’s Pond I did not know what to expect. Photographing from there before I knew at this time of the morning the sun would be shining right on the subject. When I stepped out of the goose this was the composition that lay before me. and then the goose started and backed up a little way and then when it came into view this was my Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose photograph of the day or maybe still one of my best Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose # 5 photographs. I photographed a few more RGS 5 shots on the railroad the rest of the day and even had a nice big lunch in Osier. But this was my reward even though the sun and light wasn't working out. Everything came together for this photograph.

When Colorado railroad photographer Otto Perry photographed here, I wonder if he got a picture like this.

Samuel E Howard

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