Railroad Journal (Cumbroes Toltec Scenic Railroad)

Goose 5 At Perry's Pond
Febuary 24, 2021  |  Cumbres Toltec Scenic RR

Goose 5 At Perry’s Pond

Several times a year The Galloping Goose Historical Society of Dolores Colorado runs Goose #5 several times a year on the Cumbres Toltec Scenic Railroad. The Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose has a fascinating railroad history on the Rio Grande Southern Railroad in Colorado...

2021 A New Year
January 21, 2021  |  Colorado

2021 is a brand new year. And with a new year I thought i would try a new kind of blog posts. I thought I would take a photograph and write my thoughts on how I took the photographs and tell a little story about them...