Railroad Journal : What Is Railroad Photography

What Is Railroad Photography
Railroad photography is the sounds, smells and the environment the narrow gauge runs through in Colorado.These are the keys to taking railroad photographs. Colorado has some of the best of everything to take great photographs. Steam is still the king on the narrow gauge and some of these locomotives are over a 100 years old and still running and what a sight. You cannot miss the smell of railroading in a well done photograph and finally, the environment and landscapes in Colorado put this subject in some very well done composition for photography.

The top tourist destinations are right here in Colorado
Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Cumbes And Toltec Scenic Railroad
Georgetown Loop Railroad
and other great train rides in the state.

You cannot go wrong photographing the little narrow gauge trains running through the awesome scenery in Colorado.

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In The Distance

I stood in the rain to get this Durango bound passenger train rounding a curve at the High Line on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. I have been back many times to the railroad and can't find the exact spot where I photographed this. This photograph is a favorite when I hang it on the wall in my gallery.

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Wintertime Steam

It sure is a nice day for a Santa Train. A picture postcard at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado. Fresh snow blankets the ground and below zero temps make this a special trip for the kids riding the Santa Special during the Christmas holiday.

This picture looks the best in a small size up to 16x20.

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Team Work

At the road crossing at the top of Cumbres Pass Colorado a going away picture of a narrow gauge freight as the brakeman exchanges a flag with the head conductor on the narrow gauge caboose. Photographs like this makes it very worth while.