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May 21, 2021: Train Room Photography

I have a new article up at the Trackside Photographer a pictorial I did on Devils Gate Bridge .
I have also updated my Railroad Cards page and if you are a shop owner or wholesale rep please contact me about sending you a Railroad Card info pack. I also have added a new blog format for my photography. 2021 is going to be a great year at Train Room Photography

Samuel E Howard

May 21, 2021: The Caboose Gallery

Good News                                                                                                                                                    

The Caboose Gallery is open again. I have brand new work in the gallery along with a large selection of RR cards.

My gallery is open Friday - Sunday 11am to 4pm. If you cannot make it when I'm in the gallery you can also schedule an appointment to visit the gallery. Please email me or call for an appointment.

If your in the littleton area please visit the Caboose Gallery. For more information go to the Caboose Gallery page.

Samuel E Howard

May 21, 2021: Old Crows Antique Mall

Old Crows Antique Mall

I now have a space at the Old Crows Antique Mall.                                                               
Here is a link to there website with all the information.  https://www.oldcrowsantiques.c...
I have wall pieces along with bin work, small metal prints and my famous RR Cards

Febuary 25, 2021: Georgetown Loop Article

Georgetown Loop Article

My article I did for the Trackside Photographer is now up. It's a pictorial at Devils Gate Bridge at the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

December 5, 2020: Public Photo Prentations

Public Photo Prentations

Public Photo Presentations

If you are looking for someone to speak at any event from camera clubs to conventions, I can incorporate a wealth of information with a spectacular slide show to interest your group. Please contact me for more details.

I always tailor my railroad programs with your input. I am happy to put a new railroad subject presentation together at no extra cost. Each of these presentations fills a 60-90-minute time slot that includes the presentation (about 45-60 min) plus a Q&A period. I am very willing to negotiate fees.

All presentations are digitally based. Just an appropriate room with screen. I provide the computer, digital projector.

Fees are negotiable and include a speaker’s fee, mileage, periderm.

Contact me for more information and please look through my

Railroad Images of Colorado image galleries

December 5, 2020: Arapahoe County Libary Virtual Show

Arapahoe County Libary Virtual Show

My work is now on the virtual show for the Arapaho County Libraries website from Dec through January.          
Here is the link to the website

June 23, 2020: Trackside Photographer Article

Trackside Photographer Article

The article I did for the The Trackside Photographer is now online. From My Perch at Denver's Union Station.

June 23, 2020: Rocky Mtn Railroad Heritage Society Newsletter

Rocky Mtn Railroad Heritage Society Newsletter

315 on the High Bridge made the cover of there newsletter