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June 7, 2022: Train Room Photography News

I have added a new gallery called Georgetown Loop in Winter. These are photo of the Georgetown Loop taken in Winter. It is very hard to get good Winter shots with steam because they usually don't run steam until Memorial Day weekend. I'm always adding new photos to the gallery'. I also have a new article up at the Trackside photographer. http://thetracksidephotographe...            
I also plan on doing more blog articles again. please check in the Blog Page for new blogs.  

Samuel E Howard

June 7, 2022: The Caboose Gallery News

I have just put up a brand new Caboose Gallery video on the Caboose Gallery page. Check it out.                    For more information on the gallery please see the Caboose Gallery page.                    

Samuel E Howard

June 7, 2022: Rox Arts

Rox Arts
My work is now hanging at the Rox Arts gallery located at the Aspen Grove shopping center in Littleton Colorado. Along with the wall pieces I also have some bin work 12x8 pieces on infused aluminum ready to hang and my famous Railroad Cards.There's also some great artists showing there work in the gallery.Don't forget about my other gallery The Caboose Gallery next to the Depot Art Gallery in the old Santa Fe station also in Littleton.